Area of expertise: I am a researcher based in Singapore and I cover Fund Accounting.

Background: I am a people’s person and I enjoy building and developing relationships, hence that’s what got me into recruitment the first place and the fact that I come from a counselling background, it helps me to analyse individuals easily. It is nice to talk with a variety of people every day, and getting to know them, their backgrounds, and their interests. To also find them a job that’s going to not only change their career but change their life.

During my free time, I enjoy binge-watching all my favourite Netflix shows and just catching up! I am also someone who loves travelling and exploring the world.

Career Advice: Have a general career path in mind, build relationships along that path, and be willing to accept challenges even if it seems they may lead you down a different path. You never know where those may lead. – Brian SullivanSullivan Branding.