Area of expertise: I am focused on finding the best talents across APAC within the Technological space. Grit with Tech Start-ups, E-commerce Companies & FinTech organizations building their technology team from scratch, including but not limited to, Software Engineering, Big Data and Analytics, Cybersecurity.

Background: In the past, I have been working in various industries before finding my calling to be a headhunter. I have always had that “can-do” mentality and the need to excel. With my education in the field of psychology, I have always had an interest to speak to people from all walks of life and to find out why people do what they do and the drives that push them. Being a headhunter gives me that opportunity to do so and I’ve enjoyed it ever since I started.

Career Advice: Sell me your pen. Show me your value and convince me that my future is better with you than without you. Once you know the value you provide, make it clear to everyone. That’s what works.