Area of Expertise: I focus on recruiting for Banking, Alternative Investments & Family Offices across Asia. I also lead the Executive Search function for portfolio companies of our Clients. By developing in depth relationships with top talent within the Investment Markets in Asia, my primary focus is to partner with individuals and companies alike, using the depth and breadth of my expertise and market knowledge to deliver a full consultative service and identify the right individuals for the right companies.
Roles I specialise on recruiting for include: CEOs, CFOs & CIOs for Investment firms & Portfolio Companies / Portfolio Managers / Fund Managers / Research & M&A Analysts and Investment Managers.

Background: 18 years recruitment experience covering Financial Services and Commodities globally with a focus on Executive Search and Strategic Planning. Early career focused on London and the UK and moved to a global business in 2010 and narrowing in on APAC in 2016 onwards.

Career Advice: Focus on culture before money. If there is a shared vision and natural fit then the money will come.