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About Funds Partnership Asia

Funds Partnership is a global boutique executive search firm specialising in the investment management industry. Due to our clients’ location and language-specific needs, Funds Partnership focuses on 6 core markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India and Australia – all which have thriving fund ecosystems.


We are diverse

We place mostly mid to senior-level hires throughout the fund life-cycle, ranging from Sales, Investment, Analysis, Legal, Compliance, and Finance & Accounting. We are also industry-agnostic, with deep knowledge on the specific local regulatory landscape across APAC.


We don’t settle

We know in order to attract the best talent, we need to provide the best opportunities by having the best clients in the market. And we make it our business to constantly be on the look-out for exemplary companies and outstanding candidates.


We make data-driven decisions with deep relationships

In Asia, we understand the deep importance of relationships and make it a point to forge strong ties with market-leading companies. As a result of these meaningful conversations and first-hand insights, we are able to give a more holistic appraisal of a candidate beyond just ticking boxes.