Talent Acquisition Team Vs. Recruitment Agency: Who should you engage to meet your recruitment needs? | This or That?

17 Jun 2021

Recruitment might seem like a simple job of matching supply-and-demand  – but the truth is, it needs to be as customised as finding a partner or that tailored suit. 

If you’re a small-sized hedge fund, should I find a niche agency to meet my needs? What if I’m hiring for multiple positions across departments in a global fund admin firm? Will my requirements differ if I am hiring for a senior position for an accounting firm? 

We feel your pain –  but don’t fret any longer. We’ve broken it down for you according to different sizes and hiring frequencies for Buy-Side & Fund Admin companies.


Some factors to consider:

  1. Hiring Frequency

    • Are you planning to fill multiple spots across the organisation in the next few months urgently? Or do you have a couple of specific roles that need very targeted hiring over a longer period of time? 
  2. Specialisation

    • Are potential candidates expected to have a specific set of skills or industry experience or are you hiring for more generalist positions? 
  1. Seniority 

    • Are you looking to hire for senior positions with a minimum number of years of experience in a particular industry, or for entry-level candidates who may be pivoting? 
  1. Geography 

    • Are you looking to hire just for a position in a specific country or region?
  2. Cost

    • Is it in your budget to hire an external recruitment team? It’s also important to weigh the long-term cost of a wrong hire or keeping an in-house recruitment team!

Here’s a quick summary of the differences:

  • Recruitment agencies (like us!) provide strong technical understanding of the industry and an extensive network, which is crucial when it comes to hiring or headhunting for highly specified roles (especially senior ones) and building up teams!


  • Talent Acquisition (TA) teams, on the other hand, work in-house, and can quickly and efficiently fill in roles across the organisation which is especially important for high volume hiring.


Sometimes, you may BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Firms can benefit from both a recruitment agency and a TA team working in tandem to fill in various roles (especially with a large number of hires across regions). 

*The above information is based on our 15 years of experience understanding which option works the best for our clients.


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