From Macarones to Mee Pok: Introducing Pierre Pineau

16 Dec 2020
We’d like to welcome the newest addition to the team, Pierre Pineau, who’s going to be leading FP Asia’s outreach in Thailand! He hails from France, and made his way over to Asia and now in sunny Singapore, switching from Investment Banking to Recruitment. 
So what’s Pierre like? What’s his story? And why has Thailand caught his attention? Find out in his interview below: 




  1. Introduce yourself – what’s your favourite hobby or food / 3 words to describe yourself / how did you end up in Singapore? 


I am French, so basically food and wine is important to me. I enjoy cooking a lot (french dishes of course). However since I am in Singapore I have been enjoying a lot of the local food and I love Mee Pok! As for hobbies, I do enjoy running, watching movies in theatre (that was before COVID) and reading a lot. I am a good listener, patient and a problem solver. My wife is Singaporean, that pretty much summarizes how I ended up there.


  1. Share with us your career trajectory in a nutshell! How has that led you to joining FP Asia?


After a short stint in Investment Banking at Societe Generale in Paris, I switched to recruitment. I started in France, then Belgium, Thailand and eventually Singapore. I have been specialising in the Wealth Management space across SEA for the past 3 years. FP Asia having a strong footprint in Asset Management and Ayyaz being a top notch entrepreneur I saw an opportunity to build a stronger franchise by combining forces.


  1. With your new role as Head of Thailand, what are the reasons for targeting Thailand? 


Reasons are very simple. I used to manage the Banking and IT divisions for an international recruitment firm in Thailand for almost 5 years. I loved the experience, the country and the people. I have had the chance to develop strong relationships over the years and I thought that was time to leverage on these. We now have a team of 3 covering Thailand and we are ready to crack on.


  1. What are key market insights on the particular market you’re covering? 


There is a high demand for Private Bankers and Investment Counselors across the region. Together with Fintech & Healthcare, Private Banking has been one of the few industries less impacted by the covid situation (from a recruitment standpoint). There is now a strong demand for both low hanging fruit RMs as well as bankers covering SEA (in particular Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia)


FP Asia + Others:

  1. How has the first couple of months been in FP Asia (since 1 Oct)? 


It’s been unique in the sense I have been working from home because of the current situation. But apart from that, it’s been business as usual and I have been busy with Zoom meetings supporting both clients and talents.


  1. One word to describe the FP Team? 




  1. What are you most looking forward to in your new journey with FP Asia? 


To build a strong franchise in Thailand and have fun doing it!


  1. What does a day in your life look like now?


I wake up everyday between 5 and 6 am and go for a run. Then grab a coffee down stairs and start working around 8am. Depending on the agenda and pipeline, it’s pretty much the usual: calls, zoom meetings, putting together shortlists and arranging interviews, juggling between Singapore and Thailand.


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