Here We Grow Again, Part 4 : Not Just Any Other Back Office!

20 May 2020

Landed in the Back Office after navigating through our mind map? Welcome to the club – you’re not alone!

While many have described this section of the financial institution to be invisible, it is no doubt that this section of a financial institution is the backbone of all business operations. While many may deem this sector to be either mundane and boring, we beg to differ. In fact, the Back Office has MUCH to offer in Financial Institutions and is very essential. 

Why is this function commonly termed “behind-the-scenes?” What key roles does this section play in a financial institution setting? By observation and research, most people working in the Back Office tend to be of a certain personality type and possess a variety of key traits that are crucial to its function. Not everyone loves high-intensity meetings with clients,  is gifted with the glib of the tongue or thrives in client-facing all day long While many do end up growing into the role, there are some who are naturally predisposed to thriving in such an environment. 

Wanna find out more? Keep reading on!

Three Personality Types by Myers Brigg’s:

  1. ISTJ – Hardworking individuals that value responsibility and commitment
  2. ISFJ – Modest and determined individuals
  3. INFJ – Thoughtful professionals and driven by principles 

What are some key traits of Back Office individuals?

1. You love getting into the technicalities 

Technical knowledge is what keeps you going everyday and you are intrigued by the specific technicalities of your role. Why are the formulas in this format? Can we solve this problem more effectively through another perspective? Does it actually spark joy in you to describe a solution that you enjoyed implementing? 

2. No detail gets past you 

Your eye for detail is superb – you are the resident grammar nazi. When it comes to alignment of the paragraphs or picking out a bottleneck in a process you are familiar with. These  easily are some scenarios you might resonate with.  Organising an event and have back up plans B, C and D for unexpected circumstances? You’re going to thrive in a Back Office function!

3. Numbers are life!   

Because numbers truly never lie – they say numbers describe historical events and can forecast tomorrow’s! You enjoy reconciling numbers and it is like they are telling you a story of what happened and what are things to look out for as you balance the sheets.

4. No process, No-Go 

Ever envisioned how to solve a problem with a flowchart? Do you enjoy ensuring structures are in place whenever a recurring problem arises in order to tackle it effectively and efficiently? Are you logically driven – It’s always either a this or that, yes or no. 

5. Effective Communicators

“Communication is key” – You live, breathe, and stress on this phrase, and apply it across all facets in your life: work, play, self. Sometimes, over-communication is even necessary. After all, everyone drops the ball at some point and no one is a mind-reader right?

Did we just describe you? 

What kind of educational backgrounds do you require to begin your middle office journey?

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance, Economics, Accounting and Finance, Business Administration
  • Internships
  • Pursuing any specialist diplomas will be an added advantage

If you’re interested to find out more about the opportunities in Front Office, Middle Office or Back office, have a look at our job opportunities here and speak to the consultants in charge of the role.