All in A Day’s Work : Client Services Director, Private Trust

13 May 2020

Have a knack for business development while aspiring to provide first-class personal service for existing and new clients? How about a leadership role that allows you the breadth of international exposure while deep-diving into personal relationships?

Here’s a glimpse of a day-in-the-life of a Client Services Director with 10 years of experience under his/her belt.


7.45amRise and shine everyone! Time to grab breakfast and have it in our office pantry with the other early-bird teammates! 

9.00amLet’s start off our day with yesterday’s emails – quite a few things to follow-up with and it’s always better to clear any backlog in advance. 

10.45amSeems like we’ll be having a meeting at 3.30pm with this new Middle Eastern Client B that is looking to take advantage of setting up a trust in Jersey. Let’s prepare some of the materials we will need for our conference call later.

11.30amGot pulled into a last-minute conference call with one of our Sales guys – heard Client A was asking about some general understanding of the Cyprus International Trust framework and its benefits.

12.05pmLunch appointment with Client C – it’s about time we caught up! Heading over to our favourite salad bar.

1.30pmGlad we’ll definitely be value-adding to them in the near future! Back in the office and ready to do an internal training session on Trusts in Asia with the new joiners of our trust administration team. Welcome onboard!

3.20pmCOFFEE BREAK (phew, needed it!) 

3.30pmLet’s hop on that video conference call with our meeting with Client B!

4.45pmThat was a great call. Though the trust structures that Client B was expecting is slightly complex but, clients’ are at the centre of what we do! Handing this over to our Jersey team as the structures are confirmed! Ok, time to quickly catch up on emails.

5.15pmMalaysian Client D is looking to set up a trust structure in Shanghai. Is this the right place to be in though? Hong Kong’s ORS might be more suitable given that he is looking to: 1. Preserve wealth for future generations and 2. Find a safe place for their overseas assets. Let’s understand him better and see if my proposed solution is more suitable.

6.45pmGreat – he’s open to take in my suggestion. Done for the day! Time to wrap up on some incoming emails from our international offices and prepare for the next internal training meeting on “How To Use Trusts To Better Structure Family Assets.

7.35pmThat is a wrap everyone, let’s go for some drinks!