Diving into the Deep End: Life In FP Asia as a Creative

12 May 2020

Over the years, organizational culture has grown to be one of the most important factors which employees look into before deciding whether or not to jump on board a company.

Deciding whether or not to join us? Catch a glimpse of life in Funds Partnership Asia as we peer into the life of Shahizan – our creative pro and project administrator – through an interview to check if this is the place for you!


What have you learnt?

Considering that this is my first job, there is really so much I have learned from working at Funds Partnership Asia. 

As I’m new to the industry and the workplace, there is much that I do not yet know. I’ve been blessed with many awesome mentors who sharpened me along the way, and taught me the value of communication. My bosses have been very nurturing and they have created a safe and comfortable environment that encourages me to ask questions. There is really such power in asking questions and really, it’s part of communication. 

I also had the chance to expand my creativity even as a project administrator in Funds Partnership Asia because I’m given the opportunity to try out the things that I want to. In my case, I had expressed my interest in marketing much earlier on and in return, I got to be heavily involved and support the marketing team! Things are always changing and we’re always aiming to push out new content that will benefit our community. When it comes to opportunity, there is PLENTY here which I’m grateful for!

Coming into the funds industry without prior experience, I was worried that I may not have been a good fit in this industry. However, I’ve had amazing mentors who constantly taught and guided me along the way. Now, I know most of the industry’s jargons and have since gained much knowledge of the industry in a short period of time. I believe that my growth has been accelerated because of nurturing mentors who were willing to walk me through this journey.


What do you like about the culture here?

Being a foodie, I absolutely LOVE the fact that there is a CONSTANT SUPPLY of food in the office (HOORAY)! I also love that there isn’t much of a hierarchy in the company and thus, less red tapes. Things can run pretty smoothly here, and I get to communicate directly with my bosses. I’m grateful for freedom not just to directly communicate with my bosses, but also to explore new designs when it comes to marketing collaterals. In short, I just love the freedom I get here and how I don’t have people breathing down my neck 24/7!


One cool fact about your boss, Ayyaz?

Ayyaz is someone who strikes amazing balance in his life: when it’s time to work, he works; when it’s time to do life, he does life. He separates the two, and is hence extremely approachable.


Would you consider pivoting?

I was interested to but I am slightly intimidated because of my past experiences. I was once interested in finance and after testing out in the front office, I realised that I did not fit in there. However, I do believe that if I would push myself a little more, I’d thrive in the middle office!


What are the challenges?

Considering the fact that I did not know much about marketing and the funds industry, it was quite a stretch for me – especially at the beginning. But as Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. The first step is always the hardest but I’ve realised that as I took 1 step at a time, step by step, I got into the motion of things and started learning more and more on the job. There was accelerated growth for me as I took the step of faith into this role in Funds Partnership Asia and I’m glad to say that I enjoyed a good, fulfilling challenge!



We hope that you’ve managed to get a good peek into what life at Funds Partnership Asia is like, and that you’ve been inspired by Shahizan’s story!


Keen to join us? We’ll be more than honoured to walk this journey with you!