Here We Grow Again, Part 3 : Not For the Faint-Hearted in Middle Office

22 Apr 2020

Landed in the Middle Office after navigating through our mind map? Welcome to the club! 

Congrats – you must have done your research on what the Middle Office has to offer in Financial Institutions! While many have described this section of the financial institution to be the-one-that-assesses-all-risks, it is no doubt that this section of a financial institution makes and saves quite a bit of money. 

Why is this function commonly termed “The Voices of Reason” ? Are they ambiverts or omniverts by nature? By observation and research, most people working in the Middle Office tend to be of a certain personality type and possess a variety of key traits. It’s not everyone that can thrive in the midst of new, chaotic inputs from the front office while being the crucial link to the more operational side of things. While many do end up growing into the role, there are some who are naturally predisposed to thriving in such an environment. 

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Three Personality Types by Myers Brigg’s:

  1. ENTJ – Logical, Analytical, Good Strategic Planners
  2. ESTJ – Realists that make practical decisions
  3. INTP – Independent and creative problem solvers

What are some key traits of Middle Office individuals?

1. Orderly

You like processes and systematic approaches! Typically a compliant person by nature, you prefer to go according to the books – since it’s tried and tested, why not just follow it right? After all, that’s the safest way!

2. Responsible

Your friends typically know that you can be counted on, and that they can rely on your support to get things moving – projects, homework, events – anything and everything. You have a natural sense of accountability and you assume responsibility for things entrusted to your care – and that’s very admirable!

3. Analytical

Crunching numbers all day long? No sweat. In fact, it can be pretty exhilarating to see everything line up. Staring at figures, charts and deducing what the figures are trying to tell you? Totally your vibe – you are an absolute natural.

4. Meticulous

Details, details, details. You pay a great amount of attention to the little things because- they matter! In a role where you support the front office, the processing of the trades and ensuring that the data is accurately keyed is something you gain great satisfaction from.  

5. Effective Communicators

“Communication is key” – You live, breathe, and stress on this phrase, and apply it across all facets in your life: work, play, self. Sometimes, over-communication is even necessary. After all, everyone drops the ball at some point and no one is a mind-reader right?

Did we just describe you? 

What kind of educational backgrounds do you require to begin your middle office journey?

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance, Economics, Accounting and Finance
  • Internships
  • Pursuing any specialist diplomas will be an added advantage

If you’re interested to find out more about the opportunities in Front Office, Middle Office or Back office, have a look at our job opportunities here and speak to the consultants in charge of the role.