All in A Day’s Work : Hedge Fund Manager

8 Apr 2020

As a hedge fund manager, you may be best friends with NYSE, NASDAQ & Bloomberg. Does one have work-life balance? Is it pure hustle or hard-core analysis? In this series of #AIADW, we go right in to find out more about a day-in-the-life hedge fund manager.

Heads-up role is not for the faint-hearted or the fearful. Read more here:
(Note: this schedule is based on non-COVID times, where no social distancing is required!)


4.45am: Good morning world, how is NYSE / NASDAQ doing today? 


5.00am: Let me catch some snooze first since the world is not collapsing today; we’ve got a long day ahead later.


6.10am: A quick brekkie, prep for today and out of the house! Getting ready for our first meeting at 8.20am later.


7.45am: Grabbed my favourite coffee at Dean & Deluca while looking through my emails from last night! SGX seems to be stable…. Let’s just do a quick review on the fund’s current positions from yesterday’s report.


8.20am: Quick internal meeting with my analyst and trader to discuss today’s new trading opportunities and what existing open positions we currently have. Yes, finally reached a decision on today’s orders for the day.


8.59am: Time for a quick monitoring of the market – hmm, anything that could impact our current holdings? I see a potential new position, let’s make the call to open an order. Should give a ring to some contacts on that rumour i heard of a potential upcoming merger.


10.30am: Just got off a call regarding a secondary offering… interesting one but i need to look into it.


11.50am: Got an interview for a potential analyst in 10 minutes, where is his resume?!


1.15pm: Barely sat back on my desk to check on the market positions (again) and was bombarded by questions by the traders.


2.00pm: Let’s make some calls to a few potential investors to get some market insights and hopefully – snag a new deal. Going on a couple of calls with some of my prime brokers to discuss the markets and for any new inside scoop.


4.15pm: Got a meeting with a fund investor for this USD30mil size, perhaps we need to negotiate on the management fees or something…


5.30pm: Jumping onto a conference call for a company that we have a significant position in. Also, catching up with the business… I shall let it run in the background while I do more research on the funds’ current holdings.


6.00pm: End-of-day meeting to review the funds’ status from traders, the analysts and researchers, identify tomorrow’s potential opportunities for existing funds and compile all of today’s paperwork – research reports, notes and some accounting tasks.


7.35pm: Finally done! Let’s go home!