All in A Day’s Work : Equity Middle Office Senior Associate

9 Oct 2019

So what’s a day-in-the-life in the Middle Office? How is it like supporting 15-20 traders and consolidating cash statuses? Is it all mundane admin duties and desk-work?

Maybe you’re choosing between switching to front office or sticking it out in the middle office – here’s your opportunity to step into their shoes and discover how a typical day-at-work looks like!

In our third edition of #AIADW, we present to you our findings based on first-hand insights from our hundreds of candidates across industries!

This is based on a typical day of a Equity Middle Office Senior Associate in a leading Asset Management Firm, supporting up to 15-20 traders.


7.45am: Step into office, coffee-in-hand.


8.00am: Catch up on emails with the following in mind: “Are there any cashflows from the evening before? Any confirmation of the trades that needs to be cleared first? Any subscriptions to handle?”.


9.30am: Check on today’s cash positions, specifically the cash status for Trader No. 2, 4, 7, 12, 15.


10.00am: Trading activities begin!


12.15am: Meet with the team for a quick wrap up on the morning’s happenings while preparing for the afternoon’s activities.


12.00pm: LUNCH TIME!


1.45pm: Update earnings estimates and reports (run quarterly results summary, expectations vs. performance, update forecasts, etc).


2.15pm: Consolidate FX statements to send to billing team and/or finishing up FX executions.


3.00pm: Look into the cash management of trades for projects under Trader No. 3, 9 and 11. Consolidate the data into presentation materials for client meetings later in the day.


3.50pm: Circle back to projects with Trader No. 6 and 13 (restructured funds). Check on cash and financial status of trades. Wrap up recent subscriptions due today.


4.30pm: Final round of checks done. Advise on financial positions for any trades.


5.30pm: We’re done for the day! Time for a quick trip to the gym before dinner.