FundFAQ! for Business Development Opportunities

29 May 2019


FundFAQ began with the interest in giving back to our candidate community – its priority is to share information with individuals whom are in their specific industries (e.g Hedge Fund Accounting, Private Equity Fund Accounting, Corporate Secretarial, etc) and aims to give bite-size infographics for many whom ready on-the-go. With this individually-driven market feedback that has been gathered at Funds Partnership Asia, we also want to keep the ecosystem transparent and share it with hiring firms, keeping them abreast to the market’s responses.

We have interviewed 23 candidates we have recently spoken to after attending an interview regarding sales or business development roles in the alternatives investments industry. FundFAQ narrows down the key questions to look out for, what other progression routes can candidates also venture into and most importantly, how did they feel after attending the interview.

Business Development Opportunities

Top 5 questions employers ask during an interview:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Describe how is a full day of activities at work?
  3. What is your usual closing ratio?
  4. Walk me through your sales process.
  5. Have you ever walked out on a deal? Why?

Top 5 progression routes candidates can also venture beyond:

  1. Other business development roles with an increased seniority
  2. Client Servicing – a non-sales function
  3. Account Management for other industries such as technology, consulting, etc.
  4. C-Suite level opportunities
  5. Getting entrepreneurial and setting up own business



Get the full infographic here:  FundFAQ: Business Development_Alternative Investments

If you are keen to speak to a specialist that does executive search for the next rainmaker for your firm, please reach out to our respective consultants:

Andy Ng – Principal Consultant

Justin Lee – Consultant